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Celebrate Hardware Freedom Day on Saturday April 9, 2016

Hardware Freedom Day is a yearly celebration of Open Hardware. Initiated in 2012 by the same organization behind Software Freedom Day it aims at educating the worldwide public about the benefits of using and promoting open hardware.

Support HFD

You believe hardware should be hackable and/or is deeply involved in Open Hardware. You also believe that Hardware Freedom Day needs traction and are willing to help us promote by puting one of our banners on your website. Every contribution is important and follow this link for more details.

Organize HFD

You love to hack all the gadgets you have a chance to put your hand on and/or are a member of a hackerspace? The time has come to join all the other hackerspaces in the world and celebrate Hardware Freedom Day on April 9: We have drafted a guide to get you started, simply register your event but don't hesitate to join our mailing list and exchange ideas with others.

Attend HFD

You want to know more about Open Hardware or meet someone who is working on any Open Hardware project? Simply check out our event map and join any event in your area!

Join our community!

Support Open Hardware and Celebrate Hardware Freedom Day!

Hardware Freedom Day is an event to raise awareness about Open Hardware, encourage everyone to get involved and grow the DIY community. Check to see if there is already a team registered in your area and join their efforts. If you want to form a team and run your own event, simply check out the StartGuide, put your team together and start planning today!

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What's Free/Open Hardware?

For some Open Hardware is a logical evolution of the Free Software philosophy applied to physical stuff, where both code and design blueprints co-exist. However no one can deny that humankind has evolved through a DIY and hack & share-it culture until patents prevented us to do so.

  • Freedom to use
  • Freedom to study
  • Freedom to redistribute
  • Freedom to modify

Freedom to use

The freedom to use the device for any purpose.

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Freedom to study

The freedom to study how the device works and change it to make it to do what you wish. Access to the complete design is precondition to this. This Freedom require the complete design to be available because studying and modifying the device without its complete design can range from highly impractical to nearly impossible.

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Freedom to redistribute

Redistribute the device and/or design (remanufacture).

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Freedom to Modify

The freedom to improve the device and/or design, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits. Access to the complete design is precondition to this.

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Let's celebrate Hardware Freedom Day!

Digital Freedom Foundation

DFF is a non-profit organisation that acts as the official organiser of Software Freedom Day, Hardware Freedom Day, Document Freedom Day and Education Freedom Day. DFF is the legal body that handles donations, sponsorship contracts, and accounting.

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